About Us

Gymnast Judge  has contracted with USAG Certified Judges who have years of gymnastics experience. Many were originally gymnasts themselves, some are current or former coaches and all are USAG certified judges.  We will make sure your gymnast is matched to a judge that is certified for your gymnast’s level.

Gymnast Judge AwardOur Gymnast Judges have a love and a passion for the sport of Gymnastics.  They want to see gymnasts reach their highest potential and succeed!

GymnastJudge.com is a wonderful new platform for competitive gymnasts and their parents to have access to… so that they can finally have some feedback from USAG certified judges regarding their gymnast’s routines.  The judges at GymnastJudge.com have the advantage that some of the other sports get —  Instant Replay — where they will have the ability to fast forward, rewind, and put any video into slow motion.

Our judges then provide you with a very clear evaluation that shows you and your gymnast where and why their deductions are occurring.  They also clearly show you if all requirements have been met and give you feedback on areas your gymnast needs to work on.

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Gymnast Judge’s Mission Statement

Simply put: The goal of GymnastJudge.com is to give you feedback on how your gymnast can improve their gymnastics scores in the future by correcting mistakes that judges may deduct off their final score (including helping you and your gymnast understand their start values).

Gymnast Judge wants to make it clear:

We know that many times parents, coaches and gymnasts are wondering why they received a particular score at a meet and/or if a new routine meets all requirements. The evaluations you receive from our judges are not meant to have the parent step in and  become the “Coach”.

The evaluations are an attempt to explain the various reasons why your gymnast is receiving deductions so that your gymnast is aware of what is causing them to lose points and can work on those areas to improve their scores.

You cannot petition that a past score be changed based on the score our judge calculates.  GymnastJudge.com is about getting the explanation of the “Why” of the score that your gymnast has already received and/or to evaluate a new routine for feedback.

The interpretation of gymnastics judging & scoring is subjective.   Scores can vary from Country, State, Region, County, Town, etc.    Due to many mitigating factors, Gymnastics Scoring and Gymnast Routine Interpretation can even vary from judge to judge.