Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do the judges at have: has contracted with USAG Certified Judges (Xcel and levels 1-10, for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) who have many years of gymnastics experience. Many were originally gymnasts themselves, some are current or former coaches and all are USAG certified judges. We will make sure your gymnast is matched to a judge that is certified for your gymnast’s level.

How long does it take for a video routine to be evaluated: Usually within 48 hours after you upload the video(s) you have paid for to be evaluated, you will receive a link(s), via the email address you supply on our submission form.  When you click on the link(s) in your email, you will be able to download your evaluation(s) which will be in a .pdf format.

It is extremely rare for your evaluation to take longer than 72 hours…and if we feel it will be longer than 72 hours we will notify you and let you know about any technical issues we may be experiencing.

What is the best angle to film a routine from: It is preferred (but we realize it is not always an option at certain meets due to the layout of the meets) that videos be recorded per the following:

  • Vault: Side and Center of the vault horse (think of where the judges sit and try and get the same angle)…Try and make sure you get good footage on their run down and their landing
  • Bars (Parallel, High & Uneven): Side and Center (think of where the judges sit and try and get the same angle)…Try and make sure you get good footage on their landing as well
  • Beam/Rings/Pommel: Front and Center (think of where the judges sit and try and get the same angle)…Try and make sure you get good footage on their landing as well
  • Floor: Side and Center (think of where the judges sit and try and get the same angle)…Do not film from one of the corners
  • Film from far enough away to show all handstand positions
  • Do your best to avoid spectators or runners from blocking footage
  • Remember: The Gymnast Judge can only evaluate portions of your gymnast’s routine that are visible on the video. If there is any portion(s) of the gymnast’s routine that is in some way visually compromised… the Gymnast Judge will not be able to accurately evaluate that portion of the routine. The judge will note any instances of this in their evaluation comments.

How do I upload my video: After you purchase your evaluation(s), you are routed to a members’ area on the site that has very simple, step-by-step directions on how to upload your video to our server.

What payment options do you accept: You are routed to PayPal (one of the most trusted and secure payment online systems).  But you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay.  You can pay with most all major credit cards:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express…by simply clicking on the “Pay as a PayPal Guest link” when routed to the PayPal payment page.

What levels do you evaluate: We have a Certified USAG Judge for each level of gymnastics (Xcel and levels 1-10) for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.  Each gymnast’s video will be judged individually by a USAG Judge that is certified for the level you are requesting to be evaluated.

On the submission form you fill out when you upload your gymnast’s video (during the submission process) we get all the information we need to make sure your gymnast is matched with the right judge.

Can we petition to have a score changed: NO!  You cannot petition that a past score be changed based on the score our judge calculates. is about getting the explanation of the “Why” of the score that your gymnast has already received and/or to evaluate a new routine for feedback.

The interpretation of gymnastics judging & scoring is subjective.  Scores can vary from Country, State, Region, County, Town, etc.  Due to many mitigating factors, Gymnastics Scoring and Gymnast Routine Interpretation can even vary from judge to judge.

We know that many times parents, coaches and gymnasts are wondering why they received a particular score at a meet and/or if a new routine meets all requirements. The evaluations you receive from our judges are not meant to have the parent step in and  become the “Coach”.

The evaluations are simply an attempt to explain the various reasons why your gymnast is receiving deductions so that your gymnast is aware of what is causing them to lose points and can work on those areas to improve their scores.

Can we combine an evaluation package with a friend: No. Each evaluation package purchased must be for one gymnast only.  That gymnast can submit any combination of their routines for their evaluation(s) based on their package purchase size.

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